Book Club


Book Club

I can’t begin to describe the fun I had while catering for May’s Book Club Dinner. I served Lemon Drop Jello Shots, Bruschetta, Tzatziki and Pita Bread, Greek Feta salad, Chicken Kabobs with Red Onions and Red Peppers, and Chocolate Strawberry Crostinis. Check out for more photos!


Hello Blogging World

Welcome to Meals By Mollie. My life revolves around food, and my dog of course. I am addicted and I realize that, and possibly even crazy about food, and of course my dog. You’ll find that I’m terrible with the interweb but if you stick with me your bellies won’t go hungry! Hopefully this blog will help everyone get to know me and my catering business as well. I enjoy cooking for others so please allow my services to assist you.